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The 6 Best Cargo Vans For Your Business

Looking for a new work van? Check out our updated list of the Best Cargo Vans for Your Business in 2018. Picking the right cargo van can be harder than you think. Although there aren't many models available, they each look surprisingly similar on paper, and it's not like there are many reviews dedicated to finding the right cargo van for business needs. Fortunately, we've listed today's six best cargo vans, and we've explained the various configurations and optimal uses of each van in basic language to make it as easy as possible to understand.

Cargo vans don't get a lot of publicity like the newest trucks, SUVs and sports cars do. This makes it hard to know what to look for when picking the right van for your business. Here we've laid out each of the commercial vans currently on the market and outlined some of the key features of each, hopefully making your decision a little easier when it comes time to update your fleet. The list below breaks the U.S. cargo-van market into two segments -- full-size and compact -- and covers each of the major commercial vans offered in the United States. While out-the-door cost will be a major factor in deciding which is right for you, we should point out that the vans from Ford and Mercedes represent the most modernized offerings of the bunch, while the Ram ProMaster is unique due to its front-wheel-drive platform, allowing for a great blend of size and maneuverability