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Commercial Auto Leasing

Commercial Auto Leasing


Paradigm Fleet Services

Cargo Van Leasing


Paradigm Fleet Services provides commercial leasing and financing solutions to small and medium-sized businesses. Our Staff is dedicated to making businesses more productive, competitive, and fiscally responsible. Our focus is on you so you can focus on your business. 

If you are ready to keep more capital and save money we help call us toll-free at 905-512-5670

Advantages of Commercial Auto Leasing

For businesses, leasing may have significant financial benefits:

  • Leasing a commercial/business vehicle is less capital-intensive than purchasing, so if a business has constraints on its capital, it can grow more rapidly by leasing property than it could by purchasing the property outright.


  • Leasing a commercial/business vehicle may provide more flexibility to a business which expects to grow or move in the relatively short term, it gives a lessee more flexibly usually to renew the lease at the end of its term to help with the cost of the buyback. This will allow the lessee to continue to use the vehicle as an expense.


  • Depreciation of capital assets has different tax and financial reporting treatment from ordinary business expenses. Lease payments on a commercial/business vehicle are considered an expense. If used it can be set off against revenue when calculating taxable profit at the end of the relevant tax accounting period.


  • When an automobile is used for business purposes, from an income tax perspective it is most beneficial if the vehicle is used 50% or more for business and has a cost not exceeding $30,000. When you lease, the deduction in respect of lease payments is restricted to parallel a similar dollar limit if the car were purchased. The limit on deductible leasing costs is $800.00 per month plus applicable federal and provincial sales taxes for leases entered into after 2000. A separate restriction prorates deductible lease costs where the value of the vehicle exceeds the aforementioned capital cost ceiling. If you are making personal use of a vehicle acquired for business purposes the taxable benefit relating to this personal portion is $.22 per kilometre. The government reviews rates and limits annually and announces any changes prior to the end of the calendar year. It's not uncommon to make an up-front, down payment on the lease to lower the monthly payments, end of lease buyback, or both. Revenue Canada will normally consider such payment to be part of the normal lease charge in the year paid and therefore may be subject to a limited expense write-off.


  • Get started by browsing through our current inventory of Used Cargo Vans and Trucks and when you think you've found the Cargo Van or Truck you're looking for you can fill out our easy online credit application and find out if you qualify. If you have any questions please contact us at 905-512-5670 or contact us by email and we'll provide you with an answer to any of your leasing questions.

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