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Cargo vans for sale in Ontario. We sell and lease cargo vans and work trucks in Ontario. Contact us today to come visit our showroom we are located in Hamilton Ontario
****ALL VEHICLES COME CERTIFIED AND EMISSION TESTED****** Included in Purchase: Balance of Factory Warranty Previous Daily Rental Not From Hamilton Stoney Creek or Burlington? Ask about our delivery service! Here at Paradigm Fleet Services sales and Leasing we can help provide you with the best options for commercial vehicles acquisitions. From structuring a Lease or Finance that fits your fiscal budget, to helping facilitate the acquisition and installation of CAB DIVIDERS, SAFETY PARTITIONS, SHELVING AND LADDER RACKS. LET US FOCUS ON YOU! SO YOU CAN FOCUS ON YOUR BUSINESS! CARGO VANS, PICK-UP TRUCKS, DUMP TRUCKS, CUBE VANS, REEFER VANS for sale Specializing In Ford Transit, Dodge Ram Promaster, Chevrolet Express, GMC Savana, Ford Transit Connect, and Dodge Ram Promaster City. located in the greater Hamilton and Greater Toronto area are extremely happy to be offering a wide section of cargo vans, cube / box trucks, compact cargo vans and work trucks. We are happy to announce not only can we help with great priced used cargo vans we have evolved to be able to help in a fleet management capacity. WE TAKE MASSIVE ACTION TO HELP MAKE YOUR AUTO SALES EXPERIENCE GREAT WE can assist with the acquisition of new commercial vehicles like the new Ford Transit offered in a T 150 (1/2 ton) T 250 (¾ ton) T350 (1 ton) these cargo vans come in a couple different lengths: the 2015 ford transit comes in 130-inch wheel base its available in low roof, medium roof and high roof. The 2016 Ford Transit also is available in a 148-inch wheel base model it also is available in a low roof, medium roof and high roof. Now there is one more model not be forgotten about the 2017 and 2018 Ford Transit T 250, T350 and the T350 HD models. Great selection of new and used ford cargo vans. But wait Ford in 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018 offered the amazing reliable Ford Transit in a cab and chassis and cutaway models. The Cab and Chassis and the Ford Transit Cutaway are offered in the Transit 250, 350 and 350 HD models. I almost forgot that Ford motor company offers a fuel efficient option for a service vehicle, the model has been around since 2010, but the all new ford transit connect was brought to market in 2014 and its been available for 2015 model year, 2016 model year, 2017 model year and will be available for the 2018 model year. Ford is still continuing to build the econoline in a E 350 and E 450 typically they will come in a cutaway model. These are very popular for cube vans or step vans. With not only having access to Ford Vehicles but several other manufactures, WE offer leasing deals on not only ford, but we can assist with New and Used Ram Promaster its available if several models. The lengths are 118 inch wheel base, 136 WB, there is a 159 WB and lately the 159 inch wheel base extended, some people use EXT for short form. The Ram promaster comes in a low roof model and a high roof model. The Eco Diesel motor is now available again with the Ram Promaster. It is very important to us as a team for our customers to understand where we came from. Before the wonderful ford Transit and the ram promaster. We had to staples ford Econoline that came in e 150, e 250 and the e 350. Great cargo vans that have stood the test of time. The Econoline biggest competitor the General Motors GMC and Chevrolet Cargo van. These models where call the express and savanna. These vans came in a ½ from the begging till 2014 when GM decided to pull the plug on the 1500 express and 1500 savanna cargo and passenger vans. The GM cargos cam in 2 great lengths the 135 inch and 155 inch wheelbase. The 155-inch wb came in a 2500 three quarter ton and a one ton model (1 ton). 3 different motors have been popular in the savanna and express cargo vans, the 4.8L and the 6.0 L motor. But the new 2018 GMC and Chevrolet cargo van will be offered with the 4.3L motor it is a V6 not a conventional V8. However, it offers huge power. WE offer many options for our customers, we offer leasing and financing options for all customers and credit levels. WE TAKE MASSIVE ACTION TO HELP MAKE YOUR AUTO SALES EXPERIENCE GREAT! we also offer Aluminum shelving packages, ladder racks and cab dividers. We specialize in vehicle upfitting and outfitting. Call us for great deals and quick and easy service.