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Van and Truck Outfitting

Van and Truck Outfitting

Van and Truck Outfitters Since 2012

Van and Truck Outfitting is so important to understanding the unique needs of our customers working the construction, Road Services, Plumbers, and Electricians among many other trades and services. With Our head office just east of Toronto in the Greater Hamilton Area. In our 9 years of business, we’ve come to understand that not all businesses have the same needs and Van and Truck Outfitting is important to get correct. With our experience, we know that the needs of a plumber today differ from that of an HVAC, construction, telco, or mobile repair business.

At Paradigm Fleet Outfitters, we offer affordable cookie-cutter solutions to help the budget-friendly builds. However, we all so have our special projects team there are no cookie-cutter solutions. Paradigm Fleet outfit trucks and vans for the way you’ll actually use them. They must be ergonomic and efficient. In fact, our Team Members will often sit down to better understand the unique needs of the Individuals on the ground and in the field. That means if a specific item works better on the passenger side vs. the driver’s we offer you the options to customize as needed. We offer the best solutions for commercial van and truck outfitting. At Paradigm Fleet Outfitting will take the time to listen to you and work every vehicle uniquely for the way it will be utilized daily and efficiently.

We have several great customers like Cedardale Electrical who we have customized many of their fleet vehicles in an ergonomic and efficient manner.

Van and Truck Outfitting


Check out our Partners that we work with they are the best product for the Van and Truck Outfitting and we continue to add more suppliers and lines as we find the Outfitting products that best fit our customer's needs!

Ergonomic Ladder Racks

Ergonomic Ladder Racks for outfitting Vans and Trucks


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